The Falcons Entertainment - Nassau, Bahamas

Traffic - Baha Bay at SLS at BahaMar

8 Piece Band performing at BahaMar

Kristopher Sweeting Solo Guitarist

Jeffer Jackson Solo Guitarist

Gary Francis Solo Guitarist

DJ, Percussions & Sax Trio

Tarai Rolle Soloist

The Falcons Covers

Jam Sessions Vegas Covers

60 Man Junkanoo Rush

60 Man Rush Teaser Clip

Melody & Mario

Calypso Band 18th July 2023

3 Piece Rake N Scrape

DJ A I Indian Reception

Caribah L O V E

Steel, DJ, Percussions

ordinary people 1080p

easy on me 1080p

gravity 1080p

give it to me baby & super freak 1080p

i’m not the only one 1080p

if i ain"t got you 1080p

stay with me 1080p

save room 1080p

Bruno Mars Mashup Final

Feels Final2

A Thousand Years Excerpt Final

Jam Session If I Aint Got You

Jam Session I Wanna Dance With Somebody 1

Caribe L O V E

Lady Marmalade Excerpt Final

Falcons Band Bruno Mars Mashup 1

Don"t Stop Believing Excerpt Final

Falcons Band Stay With Me

Caribe A Shade of Blue 1

Caribe Rock With You

Falcons Band West End Groove Rake n" Scrape

Solo Violinist Major

Hoola Hoop Performer

Ray Campbell Guitar Solo w Vocals

Jazz Trio Bass, Keyboards, Saxophone

James Percentie Solo Sax

3 Piece Band Keyboard, Bass, Vocals

LED Ribbon Dancer

Classical Trio Nathan Lightbourne

Solo Saxophonist Torriano Barrett

Solo Vocalist Rhondi Treco

3 Piece Calypso Val, Francis, Ralph

Solo Keyboard Frankie Victory


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